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Each film coated tablet contains:
Biotin USP 5 mg

It is water- soluble vitamin present in every single cell. Biotin may bound to proteins and polypeptides in every organ.
Biotin is mainly used for the cell growth and for the production of fatty acids and helps in the metabolism of fats.
It maintains the blood sugar level at steady state.
It provides strength to the nails and hairs.
Biotin causes breaking of food into sugar which is later used by the body as energy.


  • Useful to treat deficiency of biotin
  • It keeps your skin healthy
  • It helps to lower cholesterol
  • Supports metabolism

Mechanism of Action

Biotin is important for the functioning of the enzymes which helps to transport the carboxyl unit and fix the carbon dioxide because it is require by the various metabolic processes, gluconeogenesis, catabolism of branched chain amino acids and in biosynthesis of fatty acids.


It is absorbed systemically.

Side Effects

  • Rashes on the skin
  • Digestive system upset
  • Prevent release of insulin
  • Kidney problems


Contraindicated in allergy


With egg white Cigarettes smoking Anti-epileptic drugs


It is safe to during pregnancy

Storage Conditions

It is stored at room temperature

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