Ivermectin Tablet

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Each tablet contains:
Ivermectin USP 12 mg

Ivermectin belongs to anthelmintic class and is used to treat onchocerciasis. This infection is caused by the roundworm and leads to certain symptoms such as rashes, bumps under the skin and blindness or vision loss. It is applied on skin for external infections.

Indications & Usage

Mechanism of Action

Ivermectin binds to the glutamate- gated chloride channel ion channels in the nerve cells of the microflora thus binding causes an increase in permeability of the cell membrane of the microbe which leads to hyperpolarization and therefore paralysis and death of the parasite.


Absorption: It is absorbed from gastrointestinal tract
Protein Binding: It is 93% bound to proteins
Metabolism: It is metabolized in the liver
Excretion: It is excreted via urine and through feces

Side Effects


Drug Interactions


Store it at room temperature


Ask your doctor before using when you are planning to be pregnant. Stop using it if it causes allergy.
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